Our Training Team

Dr Alan Smith

Alan Smith

Alan is a founder and presenter of industry accredited courses in infrared Thermography. He has a Level 3 certificate and is the only instructor qualified to deliver ITC Level 2 Infrared Thermography Training in Australia.

He has a PhD for studies in thermal modelling of metal cutting and continues to be actively involved in machining theory.

Alan is a Senior Associate Professor at the Melbourne School of Engineering, University of Melbourne. His major teaching responsibilities are industrial engineering/manufacturing. He is a committee member for ManSA (Manufacturing Society of Australia) and is an active contributor to the Infrared Thermography Community in Australia.

Erik Thorup

Erik Thorup

Erik is a Professional Mechanical Engineer and consults in many of the areas covered by Thermography, with approximately 70 per cent of his work performed on electrical plant. Erik has contributed to the training of more than 500 Level 1 and 2 students towards AINDT Certification. He has presented numerous short courses in Thermography to industry over the past 15 years.

Erik is actively engaged with Standards Australia in the production of standards for Thermographers. Erik is an ITC Certified Thermographer Level II and is qualified to deliver ITC Level 1 courses in Infrared Thermography. His specialist area is the use of infrared Thermography in electrical plant and equipment.