ITC Infrared Thermography Level 1

This course is available for both public and on-site company registration.

Course description


The Level 1 ITC Thermography course is an introductory course which prepares participants to become category 1 certified thermographers. Category 1 thermographers are able to:

  • Apply a specified thermographic measurement technique
  • Set up and operate the thermal imaging equipment for safe thermographic data collection
  • Perform basic fault detection, severity assessment, and diagnosis in accordance with established instructions
  • Perform basic image post-processing (measurement tools, emissivity adjustments, span and scale adjustments, etc)


The course is delivered using a combination of theoretical and practical sessions; working with images, sketches and simple diagrams to illustrate the theoretical aspects in a descriptive way.


The course consists of three online modules completed during participants’ own time followed by five days of face to face training.


Participants learn about the basics of infrared, how to operate their camera under different conditions and for various purposes, how to appropriately judge the measurement situation and identify potential error sources. Participants will be able to undertake infrared inspections following written guidelines and report findings. The theory sections on heat and infrared provides participants with the basic knowledge needed to use their infrared camera in the field, and to recognise and interpret thermal patterns. Strong emphasis is put on the infrared measurement techniques and the influence of emissivity and reflectivity on the measurement results. Participants gain practical experience and learn how and when to use qualitative and quantitative thermography.

A short introduction to inspection routines and reporting principles finalises the theory and the preparation needed to create a short case study that is presented to the class.

Level 1 ITC Certification requirements

The course is completed with an examination which is set and marked by ITC in Sweden. It is a written exam including multiple choice questions and practical image interpretation. All participants that pass the exam and meet all relevant requirements receive a certificate stating their performance.

Certification as a Category 1 Thermographer

On successfully completing the ITC Course you qualify to sit the AINDT-CMCB Exam for Infrared Testing (Cat 1), which leads to the only JAZ-ANZ accredited certification to the ISO Standards. To make this easier, we have worked with AINDT to offer their exam immediately following completion of the ITC course delivery and ITC assessment. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, visit the Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing website.

Who should attend

This course is designed for beginners in thermography with some experience in camera handling and limited infrared knowledge, who want to take their first step to become a professional thermographer and want to qualify as a Level 1 certified thermographer.

Entry requirements

Some experience in camera handling and limited infrared knowledge.

Students will be required to prepare for the course by completing three online modules before attending the five-day training.

Infrared camera use

Participants are encouraged to attend with their own camera to gain maximum benefit from the practical sessions.

Arrangements can be made for the use of a camera for participants who wish to attend but do not have access to their own camera.

Delivery mode

Three online modules, followed by face to face teaching over five consecutive days (35–40 hours).

Course program

Day 1
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Understanding what thermography is
  • Application Overview
  • Camera Practice
    • controlling the image
    • the menu system
  • Basic Thermal Science
    • heat and temperature
    • units
    • zeroth and first law

(Day 1 moves at a slow pace for first time camera users)

Day 2
  • Basic Heat Transfer
    • conduction
    • convection
    • evaporation & convection
    • radiation
  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Radiant Energy Exchange & Qualitative Thermography
  • Overview of Thermal Patterns
  • Thermal Tools for pattern enhancement & Camera Practice
Day 3
  • Infrared Measurement Techniques
    • how cameras measure temperature
    • calibration
    • compensation for surroundings
    • emissivity
    • spatial resolution
  • Camera Practice
  • Applications
  • Lab Exercise Introduction
Day 4
  • Software
  • Lab Exercise: electrical
  • Lab Exercise: mechanical
  • Lab Exercise: building
  • Preparation of lab presentations
Day 5
  • Lab Presentations
  • Review
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 13:30 Multi Choice Examination
  • 15:30 End
Optional extra

AINDT-CMBC Examination for Infrared Testing (Cat 1)

Further information

2018 fees

$2,950.00 AUD per person, GST exempt.

10% discount applies to group bookings of three or more in a single transaction. Conditions apply.

Fees include:

  • Instruction by ITC qualified and certified infrared thermography instructors
  • Course materials
  • Externally set and assessed examination
  • Diploma of Attendance
  • ITC Level 1 certification & ITC Level 1 registration card (subject to achieving 75% pass rate)
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea each day of the program

2018 course schedule

Date Venue Instructor
19–23 February North Sydney Harbourview Hotel
17 Blue Street
North Sydney NSW 2060
Alan Smith
4–8 June University House
112 Professors Walk
University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010
Alan Smith
20–24 August Kirribilli Club
11 Harbourview Crescent
Lavender Bay, New South Wales 2060
Alan Smith
12–16 November The Woodward Centre
185 Pelham Street
Carlton, Victoria 3053
Alan Smith


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More information

Claudine Evans
Program Coordinator
Telephone: +61 (0)3 9035 6419

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Partner faculty

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering

The Melbourne School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne has been involved in the delivery of quality infrared thermography training for over a decade.

In January 2011 the School became an ITC Licensed Training Centre, authorised to deliver thermography training courses under a licensed training agreement with ITC Sweden.